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You can be
gorgeous at thirty,
charming at forty &
irresistable for the
rest of your life.


Once upon a Time

  • Behind the door of a beautiful, historic and classic Georgian townhouse in the heart of London is one of the most innovative, effective and luxurious private member’s training clubs in the world - dedicated, through science to fitness, health & wellbeing; inner and outer strength.

  • The Clock in W1 is the concept of nutritionist and trainer, Zana Morris, and designer Karen Welman, Founders of the highly successful, award-winning Library and Little Library gyms. The Clock is a culmination of their dream to create a house of total wellness in the most luxurious of surroundings. A home to reflect their clienteles’ own aspirations.

  •  Across 3 exquisite floors, furnished with original antiques and some pieces rescued from both war-torn Paris and The Ritz, The Clock will nurture you body & soul, visually, physically, environmentally and emotionally.   From the proven, hugely successful 15 minute High Intensity Training and private boxing in our wood-paneled Library to barre & yoga in our classic Music Room complete with a baby-grand piano. 

  •  It only takes fifteen minutes

  •  A unique time-piece

  • Gain strength with Time




During crash weight loss plans, muscle loss can account for as much as a staggering 90% of the weight lost. Given that 1lb of muscle burns 50 -100 calories per day, this isn’t an optimal approach for long term results. Based on natural low GI foods, our nutrition plans are tailored to your goals and lifestyle, while equally designed to stabilise your insulin levels; eliminating excess body fat and helping return growth hormone levels to normal.


When combined with intensive training, you can expect a dramatic improvement in lean muscle, overall health and energy - and, as a bonus, you may even prevent premature ageing.






Exercise and nutritional help that will enhance not only your health, well-being and natural beauty, but also your mind, mood and performance. Learn the most effective way to burn fat and increase fitness levels, and the truth behind nutritional myths. Break free from the confusion of dietingregimes and start to enjoy a relaxed, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.





Neuroscientists estimate we use less than 5% of our mental potential – what would happen if we were to use more? Learn how to operate your unconscious mind and unleash its power. Understand the potential of the photographic mind, recognise unconscious reactive patterns and develop a relaxed effortless attention. Get the edge and transform your life.




Our present unnatural diet quite simply produces excess insulin.

Insulin has been shown to lead to excess fat on the abdomen and around organs, as well as to suppress our natural growth hormone levels. Often when people find themselves gaining weight, they only reduce calories. Unfortunately, any nutritional plan that includes too few nutrients and calories will cause the body to consume its own muscle for fuel.


Real personalised nutrition!

Pull up a chair in the elegant farmhouse kitchen while our personal chef creates a breakfast from your tailored nutritional plan, just for you.

And for the soul - relax with a coffee or tea in our Drawing Room.