The Clock provides intelligent training in intimate luxury spaces. The secret to our undeniable results is in the combination of 15-minute High Intensity Weight Training (HIWT) training and tailored nutrition.

HIWT training promotes intensity over duration. Short intensive training sends a shock through the system causing your muscle tissue to recruit more fibres, building muscle and resulting in a higher metabolism for several hours after as muscle burns more calories than fat. However as we grow older we lose muscle at a quicker rate and thus burn fewer and fewer calories. At the Clock, we help you to not only regain and maintain muscle mass, but increase it too.

Nutrition is part of our holistic offer as it ensures that your body is able to respond to the training as rapidly and powerfully as possible. We don't believe in calorie counting. In fact, any nutritional plan that includes too few calories and macro-nutrients (i.e. protein, fat and carbohydrate), will cause the body to use its own muscle for fuel, meaning much of the weight lost is muscle or lean body mass. Furthermore, all of our nutrition plans – just like our training plans – are uniquely tailored to you to create a health and fitness regimen that fits seamlessly into your life.

The result? 


From removing stubborn fat (lose as much as 10lbs of fat in just 2 weeks) to dramatic increases in strength & muscle tone; from ensuring vibrant energy & optimal adrenal support to hormones & menopause; we work with you, to not only achieve immediate goals but also acquire long-term success, where nutrition becomes a relaxed rhythm, in full support of your lifestyle & life!


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