We know how precious each moment of your life is and as such, all our nutrition plans are designed to work with your life, to help ensure the quality of each and every moment.


We don't believe in calorie counting. In fact, any nutritional plan that includes too few calories and macro-nutrients, i.e. protein, fat and carbohydrate, will cause the body to use its own muscle for fuel, meaning much of the weight lost is muscle or lean body mass. (In the case of crash weight-loss plans, muscle can account for up to a staggering 90% of the weight lost. Given that 1lb of muscle burns 50 -100 calories per day, not to mention your heart is a muscle, this isn’t an educated approach for long-term results!) 

At The Clock, we take the confusion out of 'dieting'. So whether it's The High Fat Diet or you lean towards vegan; from high protein to ketogenic or Paleo, all our plans are based on real, natural, low GI foods, designed to stabilise insulin levels and ensure the recovery of essential firm tissue. 

 Working with Strong Nutrients, a range of high quality nutrients made from the freshest, highest grade of natural ingredients, developed to work alongside HIT, we ensure our plans support strength & recovery, as well as health at a cellular level.

The result? 


From removing stubborn fat (lose as much as 10lbs of fat in just 2 weeks) to dramatic increases in strength & muscle tone; from ensuring vibrant energy & optimal adrenal support to hormones & menopause; we work with you, to not only achieve immediate goals but also acquire long-term success, where nutrition becomes a relaxed rhythm, in full support of your lifestyle & life!


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