From the age of 30, we lose our muscle tissue at the rate of approximately ½ lb per year. Even if we maintain the same weight throughout our lifetime, fat is constantly replacing youthful firm tissue. This loss also includes loss from our vital organs, such as our heart or liver, which can potentially lead to other issues such as cardiovascular problems or reduced hormonal secretion.


1lb of this firm muscle tissue burns approximately 50 to 100 calories per day, every day.  Any loss makes it easier to gain fat. The solution thus becomes simple. To stay fit, young and in shape, it is essential to regain, maintain or increase your muscle mass!


Long periods of exercise have been shown to cause a dramatic increase in the body’s level of cortisol, a hormone that causes muscle breakdown. In fact, an hour of aerobics can cause your body to lose more firm tissue than it is capable of recovering. Since your organs, such as your heart, are muscle and your body fat is burned almost exclusively by muscle, then this is the one thing you would not wish to lose.


Short intensive training, on the other hand, creates a massive disturbance in muscle tissue, causing it to recruit more fibres and prompting a higher metabolism for several hours afterwards. This in turn accelerates fat burning, improves firm tissue and greatly improves fitness levels.

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